Educational Entertainment

In the style of the CDC’s 2011 “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” campaign, I have participated in many discussions and written papers about the entertainment aspects of disasters and emergencies. While mostly a fun exercise merging my academic interests and popular culture, educational entertainment can provide an avenue of knowledge about emergency management that reaches a widespread audience, which makes it a valuable endeavor to help people prepare for and think about disasters.

Here are some examples of the work I have done in this area.


The Last of US: Politics in the Post-Apocalypse at DragonCon, September 2023

Psychology of the Zombie Apocalypse at DragonCon, September 2022

More than Meets the Eye: Apocalypses in Disguise at DragonCon, September 2021

Visual Coding & Glitch Theory at the Comic and Popular Arts Conference, September 2019


Are Zombies Bad for Your Mental Health Too? at USC Upstate Research Symposium, April 2014